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Are you ready to learn the secret to building glutes? I am really excited to be sharing this resource today because I think it will make all the difference in the world in your desire to shape, lift or even build your booty. It’s not actually a secret, but I’m surprised that so many people suffer from this and continue to make this mistake when trying to work their behind. The mistake? It’s actually NOT the choice of exercises, believe…

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I’m so excited to share this 8 page Guide to Flexible Dieting with you today! I created this free resource because I get an overwhelming number of questions surrounding flexible dieting; this is a relatively new way to eat…

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How to Feel Confident Lifting Weights at the Gym

I noticed there were two main reasons I wasn't confident with lifting at the gym...I was so scared of doing things wrong or looking silly and I didn't know how to lift properly for the goals I had.…

macro friendly smores- high protein, low fat, IIFYM macro hack

Macro Hack: High Protein S’mores

Y’all know I love to take unhealthy foods and make them macro friendly, so why not just start a section on my blog here where I can just keep the macro hack recipes?! If you aren’t sure what macros…

Gym essentials for fit girls


“What pre-workout are you using?” “What booty bands do you have?” “I workout on my lunch hour, what would you recommend to freshen up after a workout?” I get asked many questions about my fit favorites and what I use…


Let’s Talk About Stress, Baby

I know I most often talk about food and fitness here because they are my favorite things to help educate about!  I could talk about recipes all day… I’m a food addict trapped in a fit body. But HEALTH…



This May, I am tackling a few fitness/health myths that I am really annoyed with.  Each week in my newsletter, I am going to bust one and educate you on why they bother me so much.  If you aren’t…



I ain’t never met a smoothie bowl I didn’t like, but can we just talk about this chocolate peanut butter protein smoothie bowl?  (I can almost guarantee I’m not twisting your arm with that one) Brace yourself for the addiction…

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